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MACD MT4 Indicator  
MACD MT4 Indicator Main Window


MT4 - MetaTrader 4
Version 4.00 Build 1160 or greater


This MACD indicator behaves similarly to other MACDs, with the exception of the RVI type can be used as the Signal line. The RVI signal mode follows the main signal very closely.

The indicator also has the ability to automatically swith to Multi-Time-Frame mode when the chart's timeframe is lower than the selected timeframe. For example if the Lowest Timeframe is set to "DAILY" and the chart timeframe is changed to 4-HOUR then the MTF mode will automatically be enabled.

The GREEN and RED dots signify when the main has crossed UP or DOWN over the Signal. The WHITE and ORANGE dots represent when the indicator has crossed ABOVE or BELOW the "0.0" level. The vertical lines are used for helping to see where the crossover points conincide with the candles. They are not apart of the indicator.

MACD MT4 Indicator  Dialog box